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Google ads is a brilliant platform for users aware of using it to its fullest. Digital advertisements are gaining popularity nowadays because of several reasons. The question is how can Google ads help you advance your business goals.

The answer is straightforward. In the process of creating digital advertisements campaigns, there are small details that help in targeting the right audience. If that happens accurately, it evolves into the generation of quality leads. Be it a small-scale business or any large-scale business. Investing smartly to run ads on Google can boost sales effectively. Post-covid consumers also avoid roaming around in the market.

As a result, the chances of tracking the right customer and showing them our ad can be impactful. The process of generating online leads and in-house sales becomes easier. Here, we break down the complexity of how can Google ads help you advance your business goals. Let us understand this in five easy pointers:

1. Why at all make use of Google Ads?

There is no doubt that Google is the finest search engine available in the market today. Thus, making it a widely used platform by all sorts of users. When a user searches for anything on the internet using Google, it gets recorded. The search engine records the behaviour of every individual within the scope of legal boundations.

After recording data, Google knows what kind of audience is suitable for which digital advertisement. Now, this data is visible to those creating digital advertisements in grouped form. There are many other things like quality score and its different components like extensions.

Google has made a lot of options available for advertisers to work their way. The result of utilising these perks is that the ad will get optimised. As soon as it goes live, it will hit the target audience more accurately.

2. What type of campaigns can we make using Google to grow our business?

As per the latest update of Google Ads, below are the major types of digital advertisements campaigns that one can make. Let's take a brief look at what are these various types of campaign and their importance:

Only text advertisements (Search Campaign)

A search ad is basically one that has only text. They are keyword-centric digital advertisements. The sole purpose of making these ads is that they can easily match with the relevant audience. Good keyword research allows advertisers to call smart bids on a good keyword. Audiences can discover this ad on search engine result pages or other thousands of partnered websites.

Responsive google advertisements (Search and Display Campaign)

A responsive ad can be run under two different types of campaigns i.e. display and search campaigns. A responsive ad under the search campaign makes the advertiser's message more accurate. In these types of ads, Google allows users to enter three to four types of headlines and descriptions. What Google does for us here is that it performs hit and trial strategy. It creates the perfect combination by trying all possible pairs.

Display ads consist of a logo or image along with text making an asset-based advertisement. What makes them unique is they adjust their appearance as per the available space on the webpage. On one website it may appear in the form of a logo and on another it may transform into text.

It all happens according to the targeting and goals set while creating the campaign. Another popular use of responsive ads is visible under smart display campaigns.

Image Ads (Display Campaign)

All types of digital advertisements that include some sort of image come under the umbrella of the image ads category. However, the format of the image can vary in different types of ads. When incorporating these ads into an email, the image does not collapse, instead clicking up on it will expand the image.

Putting up an image with the ad might not look like a major difference. But it does have a significant impact on the viewers. After all, as the saying is, what is visible is what gets sold the most.

The advertiser gets an additional advantage from the psychological perspective. An individual perceives a visual more accurately than text. One can run image ads in multiple forms. It might be in the form of a banner, shopping ad, image search ad, or Gmail ad.

Application Promotion Advertisements (App Campaign)

The main agenda of an advertiser to run an application promotion advertisement is majorly to derive traffic. By clicking on these ads, it sends them to the dedicated application store to download them. In some cases, it leads them directly into the application. These ads have a condition that the content will be visible based on compatibility with the devices.quality score optimization

Video/ Youtube Advertisements (Video Campaign)

A video ad or an in-feed video advertisement generally runs under discovery or performance max campaigns. To upload the video, advertisers can use existing files from the asset library. The motive behind running video ads is that it is more engaging and perceptive for the target audience.

These are a few types of ads that can help in understanding how can Google ads help you advance your business goals.

3. What is Google Ads’ quality score?

The Google Ads quality score is the rating of digital advertisements on a scale of 1 to 10. It informs the advertisers about the information on how well their ads can perform. There are majorly three bases for this grading. They are:

1. Keywords (Expected click-through rate i.e. CTR),

2. Ad (Ad Relevance),

3. Landing page (Experience).

When all of these are perfect and complement each other on bringing them together. The rank of the ad and its quality score automatically increases. The push from the search engine makes it a hundred times more clickable than any other method. All of these reports are accessible for research and analysis under the report column in Google Ads.

4. Evolving trends of the Google Ads and Extensions

Recently. Google carried out a survey that resulted in revealing some insights into consumer behaviour. Now, the thing is that a huge section of the audience felt irritated by the ad pop-ups. Thus, convincing them to install and use various ad blockers. This is a very concerning situation for both Google and advertisers. The major drawback on the advertiser’s side is the increased costs. The more the number of ad-blocked users, the more difficult it becomes for the advertisers.

Nevertheless, the team figured a way out of this situation. It is a give and take relationship between the advertiser and users. And as the saying goes, every situation has both good and bad sides. On the positive side, this survey revealed more accuracy on the type of advertisements users prefer. As a result, there is more clarity on how can Google ads help you advance your business goals.

The Google Ad extension in simple words is additional information. It gets displayed on the search engine results page. How it benefits your business is by bringing in more engagement with the viewers. Thus, resulting in more chances of generating a sale.

5. How can Google ads help you advance your business goals?

Google Adwords works on the model of the bidding system. What it means is that depending on the difficulty and usage of the keyword, it gains value. When an advertiser wishes to run a campaign using a specific keyword, there is a bid that needs to be made. There are two strategies for bidding. One of them focuses on the number of impressions and the other on getting clicks. This is how the money gets spent by the advertiser.

Since we are talking about spending money, it does not mean the highest bidder will be on the top. It is only the advertiser whose landing page will have the best experience that would win the competition. The crawlers of Google rank the ad based on ad relevancy score. And that game becomes strong only with apt keywords, smart bids and amazing landing pages.

Final Takeaway

The most exclusive platform for creating and running digital advertisements is Google Ads. Be it search ads or display ads or shopping ads or video ads, every option is available. The one who can master just the art of creating ads perfectly is enough. Be it a business or a small seller or a freelancer, it can help in making uncountable earnings.