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A responsive website can give you a competitive edge over others by expanding your customer base manifolds. In this blog, we elucidate 10 ways by which SEO can revamp your website with an addition to the web design’s responsiveness, and help you make your mark in the digital world.

  1. One Website for Multiple Devices: Responsive web designs tune themselves to their display screen size and resolution. They let visitors use the same website on all their devices. This helps Google to crawl, index, and organise your content more easily because it does not have to crawl different versions of your website to index. Website owners need to update only one website with fresh content, images, landing pages, etc. and it will apply across your website on mobiles, tablets, and desktop versions.
  2. Better Search Ranking: Google regularly changes its ranking algorithms. However, some common ranking signals are mobile-friendliness, relevance, and mobile content of your website. Responsive web designs improve mobile searches worldwide, mobile rankings, and mobile visibility.
  3. Lower Page Load Speed on Mobile: Responsive web design can enable quicker page load speed. This is because Google no longer has to redirect to a mobile version of the website and condense big files to fit on the smaller screens.
  4. Minimal Bounce Rate: The content quality on your website and user experience are determined by Google using the bounce rate. Responsive web designs deliver a user experience that engages users and increases their on-site time.
  5. Better User Experience: Good user experience can improve visitors’ ability to find/get what they’re looking for and thereby, improve Google rankings. Seamless user experience eases visitor experience right from the moment they land on your service landing page or the homepage. This is because it lets them view more pages on your site in lesser time.
  6. Cost Optimisation: Building one responsive website for all devices is cost-effective. You pay for only one domain, host one URL, and update just one website. These services can cost a lot more money if you own and maintain multiple websites.
  7. Better Backlink Profile: When an authoritative website creates backlinks to your website, it shows Google that you are adding value to others. Responsive web design improves the backlinks by creating links to just one domain for all devices.
  8. Reduced Chances of Duplicate Content: Responsive web designs need just one website for all devices. This prevents content duplication that happens in case of multiple websites which Google perceives as an attempt to skew search results.
  9. Improved Social Sharing: Mobile devices host nearly 80% of the entire social media activity. Responsive web designs can help your content go viral on social media and enhance brand awareness.
  10. More Mobile Traffic generated: Websites that load faster and fit mobile devices of all sizes are more likely to garner online traffic. Responsive web designs offer greater versatility and optimal site layout at lower development costs.

We, at Recenturesoft, build fluid site designs that contract, rearrange, and modify content based upon your user’s screen size to engage these users on your website. So, get SEO services today to bump up your mobile search engine rankings!