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Using Node JS Development Company in India for Efficient Functioning of Applications

Were you aware that Node.js is about 12 years old? When compared with the 24-year-old software called JavaScript, Node.js is just a kid but is an extremely powerful one. The Node.js framework has made a major impact in the software development industry where others have failed.

The first Node.js code was written by Ryan Dahl back in 2009. In the starting days, Node.js only used to work on Mac OS X plus Linux.

Node.Js Creation

But what drove Ryan to come up with Node.js development? As JavaScript was introduced, converting raw code into machine code became easier. JavaScript displayed its true potential with impressive speed plus agility on web browsers. Therefore, Ryan considered using it in different techniques such as mobile applications, desktop applications, servers. Netscape’s ( where Node.js got created) business model featured a program called Netscape LiveWire. The LiveWire allowed users to create a dynamic page by utilizing server-side JavaScript. But until Node.js got introduced, Netscape LiveWire failed to perform its task.

Node.js is basically an event-driven system. The servers with Node.js are made up of a singular thread that keeps getting processed one event following another. Every thread acts as a new employee for your platform, and browsers act as a place where people want to buy something.

If a new request comes, a dedicated thread gets promptly allocated to it. Therefore, during a blocking IO operation, the server can initiate the process and register a callback function. The server will then move quickly to the next event or request.

The server will continue to work on the request when the IO action gets finished by carrying out a callback when it has time. Thus, a server is no longer required to release new threads or change between them, leading to very little expense.

One of the most noteworthy benefits of using Node.js development is that it is ideal for creating an assortment of business solutions. With the help of Node.js-based enterprise solutions, you can now outperform the competitors and build a good digital brand.

Looking For A Node Js Development Company? Contact Recenturesoft Today!

Recenturesoft, Best NODE JS development company in India, has a professional team of developers plus designers. Our team can help deliver top-class Node.js development services from scratch as well as your old platforms. We offer premium-quality Node.js development services and modifications for all kinds of businesses located anywhere in the world. Also, our highly-skilled, experienced hard-working team of designers plus developers offer state-of-the-art Node.js development. Get a robust framework, and offer your users the best experience on your website by using our services.

We have a well-recorded track of building successful Node.js development. This has allowed us to evolve into the finest Node js development company in India. Moreover, our group of developers uses the most advanced tools plus tech to create the best platform for any business. We consistently try to fulfil the demands of our clients and even offer tips on how to make your existing platform better. Due to our expertise in building fully-functioning Node.js platforms, our team can provide advice on how and when to deploy the new version.

NODEJS Development Services

Whether you need a team to take care of your entire software programming, or just need advice, Recenturesoft got you covered. From designing to QA testing, our dedicated team of Node.JS architects can create captivating plus innovative interfaces. These will perfectly fit your business requirements and help streamline the process. What we offer:

Node.JS Web Plus Mobile App Development Services

Web and Mobile App Development - Our Node.JS developers have years of experience and skills in creating highly scalable real-time applications for web and mobile using Node.JS. We offer premium-quality web apps, mobile game development services, swift database management, project management, safety solutions, e-commerce apps, and more.

The architecture of the System - We have a highly qualified and professional team of Node.JS developers and designers who can create hybrid Node.JS apps. These apps will have functional, interactive, engaging plus aesthetically attractive UI/UX designs.

API Development - Our team of software developers aims to offer you high-performance applications. Moreover, our team has extensive knowledge plus experience in making scalable frameworks whilst keeping everything well-structured, complete, and up-to-date all along the way.

Node.JS For Responsive Web Project

It is important to get a robust, multi-user platform that is suitable for the client as well as the server. The Node.JS's JavaScript runtime is perfect for making an interactive platform with cross-compatible web projects.

Mean Stack Development - Our full-stack architects develop client plus server software as well. Moreover, our team even has mastery over HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and any other languages for both web browsers plus servers.

Node.JS - Multi-User Collab App: We can create multi-user collab apps by using the Node.JS programming language. You can now sync up the client along with the server sides quickly as well as seamlessly.

Node.JS Programming for Streaming Video - We use the Node.JS language to process video streams as they load. This step helps decrease lag time plus latency, making Node.JS the perfect video streaming platform. Our tailored Node.JS apps can control bulk inputs and outputs load, along with several coexisting connections without impacting the quality of a video.

Node.JS - Cross-Platform Support: Node.JS web apps are excellent for Recenturesoft to make a cross-platform manner for iOS, Android, PC or macOS. The back end modifications will be fast plus independent of your platform, and the front-end changes will have a uniform look and impressive finish across different devices.

Industries We Can Help

Recenturesoft, a well-known NODE JS development company India offer a wide range of apps. We can help you build:

Health care apps - As a premium NodeJS development enterprise, we offer custom plus expert healthcare apps. From disease-check to fitness monitoring and hospital management, our apps will be cost-effective plus scalable.

Touring and Traveling portals - As one of the best Node JS development company India, we offer updated tech solutions including E-booking, Travel-apps, and much more.

E-learning apps - Our Node.js development team offers our e-learning clients a platform that moves beyond the current education systems. Our robust E-learning apps are convenient to both teachers as well as students at distinct levels.

Financial apps - With the help of your skills, you can get. fully operational and efficient app for the financial sector. Apart from creating dedicated apps for banks plus finances, we even offer payment solutions with the help of NodeJS development.

Retail apps - Our Node js development company is the best in making retail apps for small as well as medium enterprises. We deliver cost-effective apps for different industry verticals.

E-Commerce apps - We meet all the client requirements and help empower them by giving a robust e-commerce platform with the help of our Node JS Development services. We can make complex apps and integrate a range of features like online stores and payment portals.

Supply Chain Apps - Managing the flow of goods plus services efficiently with the help of our supply chain apps. Also, our Node.js development services offer custom/ client-specific apps that will help smooth your business processes.

NODE.JS Development Process

Requirements - First, our team will fully understand your business model, requirements as well as future vision. We then take into account all your needs and brainstorm ideas on how to make your platform much more engaging. Regardless of the size or scale of your company, our team will work together to offer client-centric solutions to make certain you get the best platform. Moreover, we can even offer new ideas on how you can further build your platform and unleash its full potential. Recenturesoft, Best NODE JS development company India, has all the desired resources and strategies, appoints the most relevant team for the project plus sets milestones to finish the project on time. Also, we even offer you an estimated time as well as cost for finishing the project beforehand.

Building - Next, we start with building the Node.JS platform. This step takes the longest time because it includes coding, prototyping and final software development. Our front end and back end Node.JS development services will ensure you get a platform that will deliver the best experience, without any hassle. Moreover, we can make premium UI / UX designs that will go well with our Node.JS development services.

We ensure the final output/result will perfectly fit your vision. We keep you in the loop to constantly ask for your reviews and suggestions. Upon receiving your inputs our team will add them to the software, and make certain it works efficiently. Our Node.JS services ensure you get a swift browsing experience without any sort of delays plus issues.

Apart from incorporating all the features plus functionality, the success of most Node.JS services depends on how well they function. A good Node.JS platform with a pleasing interface can improve customer loyalty plus help drive traffic.

Conducting Tests - After the framework/ Node.JS development gets over, now is the moment for our crew to perform rigorous tests. We perform a wide range of checks like performance testing or security checks to ensure the removal of all bugs in the front and back end.

Testing Functionality - This test will help us decide how good the Node.JS platform will respond to tough conditions. During the functionality test, the team will make certain that all changes operate as they should.

Testing the Performance: This is among the main tests that include:

  • Testing how well the new Node.JS platform responds to user commands?
  • Testing how fast is the Node.JS platform loading?
  • Testing if the Node.JS platform links with the internet well?

Final Deployment - After conducting the tests, you can now leverage our skills during full-scale deployment. We help deploy your new Node.JS platform and even advise on the proper method and time to do it. Deploying a Node.JS platform at the proper time is important to ensure the users will not face any issues and the platform gets integrated efficiently.

Additional Support - Most Node.JS development enterprises will stop helping you as soon as the platform gets released. But Recenturesoft is not like that! After your Node.JS platform gets launched, our support team will keep in touch and offer support for a few days to ensure everything is working in the right way.

Benefits Of NODE JS Development

Develop data streaming apps - With the increase in digital content consumption, data streaming web apps have seen a significant rise in demand. You just require a good internet bandwidth to watch a movie or series without any downloading. With the benefit of a built-in stream module in a Node.js web app, you will be able to process bulk data into shorter packages plus sequentially.

Develop Microservices - Want to do much more with less code? Luckily, the nature of Node.js enables the developers to make advanced scalable solutions. Different microservices can lead to code duplication. For efficiently developing microservices frameworks, Node.js is favoured as they are easier to design on it. Node.js can extract most of the underlying as well as essential systems and helps deliver hassle-free and efficient microservices.

IOT Apps - MQTT and WebSockets can be used with Node.js. Moreover, Node.js is among the most trusted platforms for efficient IoT app development because it can work effectively with write plus readable channels or streams.

Scalable App Development - Node.js can be beneficial for apps that experience high-peak loads and scalability. Node.js can help global networks to develop and expand at a significant rate without taking much time, effort or money.

Communicate With API - Nearly all kinds of web apps require a robust back-end for successfully interacting with databases and other external services. Node.js was previously only recommended for apps with a small number of CPU-based tasks. However, after the introduction of version 10.5.0, threads have now been available to perform complex processes.

Other Benefits

Developing SPA - Node.js can help create a SPA or single-page application that resembles and feels much like a desktop program. Node.js is a premium fit for making social platforms for networking, fully dynamic websites, as well as email solutions. This is because of its Node.js flexible possibilities which have now become an ideal choice for SPA development.

Faster time to market - Node.js is mostly useful for reducing the time-to-market cycle. Node.js is lightweight and can drastically cut app development time without compromising the quality or altering existing functionality. Right from the concept, all the way up to the end-product, Node.js can help you reach in no time.

Scalability - Node.js is made with optimal scalability in mind. It’s one of the most vital features for a startup wanting to scale its business over time. App-based startups or large businesses like to get lightweight plus quick systems that have a robust real-time response. Moreover, they should be easily scaled up and have the required modules or structures.

Front-end plus Back-end - Node.js has the benefit of existing as a universal programming language. It can be used for both front-end as well as back-end development. This primary feature makes a customer’s life hassle-free.

Huge community - Many functional Node.js enthusiasts and a large number of software designers plus developers love this software. From Microsoft to IBM, Node.js gets preferred by many companies because of its ever-evolving feature.

Get a rich ecosystem - The Node ecosystem is among the world’s largest plus fast-growing software registry. It contains numerous libraries plus reusable templates that can be used along with a code to provide more value.

Why Choose Us Our NODE.JS Development Services India

360-Degree Analysis - After evaluating your needs, we offer the best solution with an optimum number of Node.JS developers. Our team will create a platform that will help fulfil your business requirements and provide the best experience.

Top class designers - Get a sleep looking UI that has all the contemporary elements so that the design of an app is state-of-the-art and helps in lead conversion. Moreover, without a premium design, most users will not trust your app and the accusation, as well as retention rate, will decrease.

Mobile-Friendly UI - Get a function-rich UI that is compatible across all devices and in alignment with the functionality of your app. Our mobile-friendly UI will help you reach out to a wide range of audiences in the shortest time without much difficulty.

Superior Performance plus Speed - With the help of faster loading time, you can get an exceptional user experience that will also help your rank up in search engines and improve lead conversion. Moreover, our team stays in touch with you to inform you about the progress and is always available to answer your queries.

Max Security plus Scalability - Your platform will be protected from different malware as well as threats with our state-of-the-art data encryption as well as high-security plugins.

Agile Software Development - Our cross-functional team of highly-skilled developers will follow a collaborative process towards building a robust Node.JS platform.

Our Node.JS produces results - Recenturesoft provides premium Node.JS development services in India that will allow you to get a robust platform. The platform will be perfect for enhancing traffic, improving sales, and increasing brand image simultaneously.

Frequently Asked Questions | Node JS Development Company in India

Below are the most common applications of Node.js:

  • Browser Games
  • Chat Rooms
  • Mean Stack
  • Real-time Applications
  • Fast and scalable Applications
  • Processing
  • Collecting Data
  • Streaming

A common misunderstanding is that Node. js is a backend framework. It can be used in the backend, but Node. js can also be applicable in the front-end too.

First, you need to go through different criteria before even trying to get a mobile Node js development company. Some of the questions you should ask include:

  • Are the testimonials good and legit?
  • Is the previous experience of the company suitable for your project?
  • What is the estimated cost, as well as time for completing the platform?