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With the advancement of smartphones in the last decade, the mobile app development industry has grown exponentially. Mobiles have taken over the desktop when it comes to daily internet usage now. At the heart of these smartphones are the mobile apps. The generation today spends a majority of their time on their mobile phones and mobile apps. Business owners have recognised that there is a large audience to cater to through this digital channel. Unlike the previous years, it has become a necessity for business owners to bring their presence to the mobile devices, leading to the birth of mobile application development.

Recenturesoft Infotech Pvt Ltd is a mobile app development company in India. We render customised mobile app development services to businesses in the UK, USA, and India. We will set our footprint in Canada and Australia too. With our customer-centric approach, scalable development and innovative designs, we shall build mobile apps for you that make you stand out from the competition.


Recenturesoft Approach

One of our foremost aims is to develop a mobile app that helps our clients grow their business and achieve maximum ROI (Return On Investment). We are committed to catering to our clients with complete transparency and collaborative campaigns to deliver the best results. We ensure that our clients are content and happy with the final product at the end of the project.


Information gathering, research, and competitor analysis are the first steps we take before moving to the actual design and development process. Based on your input and expectations, we develop a customer-centric strategy, that is agile, transparent, and collaborative in nature. This methodology ensures a bug-free and timely delivery of the mobile app, meeting customer's expectations.


The UI/UX design analysis enables us to design apps with the right look and feel, and deliver a positive user experience. It is not just about making the design attractive with colours, fonts and symbols, but it's also about preparing a user interface with an easy-to-understand navigation design and user-flow. Moreover, we understand that an engaging UI/UX design is critical to building a brand name, improve brand reputation and generate user traffic.


A client-approved checklist shall be prepared and followed during the development process to ensure that all quality commitments are met successfully. We will keep you posted through every phase of the development cycle, reviewing and revisiting the parameters based on your continuous feedback.


Our Quality Analysts shall perform rigorous testing throughout every stage of the project to ensure that the final product is bug-free. The applications are tested across numerous mobile devices and operating system to assess their performance and compatibility.

Recenturesoft Mobile App Development Solutions

Adapting agile methodologies and implementing industry best practices, we deliver enterprise-level mobile apps.

Android and iOS are currently two of the most prominent operating systems in the digital domain. Our mobile app solutions include:

Android App Development

Our Android App developers have extensive knowledge and experience in leveraging Android Software Development Kit, Android Native Development Kit and other essential resources to develop robust and engaging apps that function seamlessly on numerous devices such as smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and Android TV.

For further information, visit our Android App Development Service page.

iOS App Development

Build highly engaging and powerful iOS applications for the Apple users. Equipped with the latest iOS SDK, our iOS developers focus on building apps that support multiple Apple devices including iPhone, iPad, and iWatch.

For further information on iPhone apps, visit our iPhone app development page.

For further information on iPad apps, visit our iPad app development page.

Why Choose Recenturesoft

With Recenturesoft mobile app development services, your app is set to stand out from the competition. What sets us apart is:

  • SWe build apps that are highly scalable and customisable. Your app shall be positioned not only for current growth but future growth as well.
  • We develop high performing mobile apps for big eCommerce companies, enterprises, and small-and-medium-sized businesses at the most reasonable rates.
  • We have a wonderful track record of delivering projects to clients in a sound and timely manner.
  • With a great portfolio of clients in the UK, USA, Australia, and India, we have excellent experience in delivering quality services to clients across the globe.

Turn your vision into reality with Recenturesoft. No matter what your niche is; whether it is healthcare, logistics, education, retail, finance, social or any other sector, we shall build you the app that is unique to your idea and meet your business needs.

Contact Recenturesoft For Your New App

If you are looking to build a user-centric mobile app for your business, then get in touch with Recenturesoft Infotech Pvt Ltd today. Book a free non-obligatory consultation meeting with us. Send us your enquiry through a direct message or send us an email on If you have questions for us, give us a call on +91-120 411 6337.

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