The mobile development sector is primarily focused on two platforms: Android and iOS. Recognising a presence of millions of users on these mobile platforms, now businesses have identified them as perfect channels to reach out to more customers and build their presence in the mobile domain. Mobile applications, aka mobile apps, are excellent tools that allow businesses to connect with their customers and offer their services.

Recenturesoft Infotech Pvt Ltd is an android app development company in India, offering comprehensive design, development, testing and consulting services. We render our services to clients from UK, USA, Canada, and Australia.

If iOS apps are your area of interest, visit our iPhone App Development and iPad App Development pages.

Why Choose Android

  • It has a large user-presence (over 75%) in the mobile market.
  • It is open-source, i.e., you save licensing and app development cost.
  • It is Enterprise-optimised.
  • App listing is much faster and easier compared to iOS.

Our Android App Development Services include:

Our Android application development services shall ensure that your app is optimised for speed, performance and can function seamlessly on all types of devices.

Application Consulting: A non-obligatory consultation with our experts to understand whether android is right for your business, and assess the project scope, strategy, and budget.

Application UX and Design: Boost user experience with an interactive user interface and attractive app designs.

Custom Android Mobile App Development: Build robust and reliable native apps tailor-made for your start-ups, mid and large enterprises.

App Testing: A specialised team of QA experts to deliver a bug-free android application.

Support and Maintenance: Extensive support and maintenance services to meet the customer needs pertaining to their application pre- and post-launch.

Why Choose Recenturesoft as your Android Application Development Company:

Experienced and Efficient Android Team

Our professional team has adopted agile development methodology and follow best industry standards to deliver a quality end-to-end solution.

Timely Delivery

We are the preferred choice of numerous potential clients as our reputation precedes us when it comes to delivering projects on time. Our team will work closely without you throughout the project to ensure that the project is executed in the pre-planned timeline and meets your requirements.

Competitive Pricing

Our reasonable pricing packages ensure that even mid and small-sized companies can bring their business to mobile and take advantage of our android app solutions.

Rigorous QA

With the agile process and experienced QA team, we build apps that are completely bug-free. We ensure that the app is clean by running it through a series of manual and automated tests, after which it will proceed to the final launch.

Build Highly Engaging and Revenue Generating Android Apps with Recenturesoft

If you are looking to build a high-performing app that delivers a superior user-experience, then you need not look further than Recenturesoft. We have developed a broad range of Android applications for our clients hailing from numerous industries such as automotive, medical, multimedia and many more.

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