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Leading browsing players such as Chrome or Internet Explorer are waving towards HTML 5. HTML 5 or Hypertext Markup Language 5 is one of the most commonly used web app development tools that can fully transform your online presence and take it over to newer heights. Recenturesoft provides secure and reliable HTML solutions to tune your changing business needs with the dynamic flow and focus of information to web applications.

We understand that mobile applications are increasing exponentially, and are also being deemed as the key to a successfully run business. We, at Recenturesoft, can help both small and large enterprises in leveraging this and bringing more business with our sound and active HTML5 app development. We also assure you the best, safest, and the most constructive HTML5 game development solutions.

Our HTML5 solutions can be seamlessly adopted by any device or software platform. We use an agile development methodology to deliver our HTML5 web and mobile solutions that suit your specific user needs, business needs, industry needs, and vertical needs.

Our development process begins with a deep analysis of your business and IT requirements to provide the best user experience and interface. We also ensure that your website and app get the right HTML5 development solution in a timely manner.

Why choose Recenturesoft for HTML 5 development?

  • We provide HTML 5 solutions at the best market price.
  • We always keep you in the loop to streamline delivery.
  • We provide all other services such as consultation, data migration, cross-platform HTML5 development, mobile web app development, and HTML5 design customisation.
  • Cost-effective projects that match your goals, timeline, and budget.

Each of our HTML5 certified developers has an average experience of 5 years. They use HTML5 specific tools such as CSS3, JSON, XML, etc. to develop user-friendly apps. We also use JAVA, Adobe Tools, Silverlight, SVN, PHP, PHP frameworks, Apache Server, Joomla, and Python, to name a few.

We also provide the latest tools and techniques such as:

html5 development

  • HTML based business process management system
  • video conferencing portal
  • browser-based games
  • use CSS3
  • shopping apps
  • Multimedia (Video, Audio)
  • Graphics (Canvas, SVG)
  • Elements/Forms

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100+ PSD to XHTML5/HTML5
10+ Mobile App's

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