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Developing attractive websites with HTML5 Development Company in India

HTML5 was a successor to earlier HTML versions that have helped introduce new elements and capabilities. It has also helped improve or remove some functionality of the previous language. The word HTML5 is practically a popular term that indicates a set of modern/ latest web technologies. This includes the language syntax as well as JavaScript APIs for improving storage, multimedia, plus hardware access.

How it Grew: It was essentially released to provide websites as well as web apps with the best capabilities in terms of streaming, internet applications, and much more. HTML5 has helped revolutionize the user experience while removing the common issues faced by businesses. With the rapid advancement of web technologies, it's not the question of if companies will adopt HTML5, but the question is when.

From a business point of view, embracing the HTML5 trend as soon as possible will be beneficial for improving the current/ old versions and introducing new functionalities. Moreover, it is the only viable choice for efficient cross-platform development.

How Powerful Is HTML5?

HTML5 combines the most useful features of HTML plus XHTML into a single powerful platform that helps in top-notch web development. Furthermore, it has premium designing features when compared with the earlier versions. HTML5 enables businesses to offer their users the finest viewing experience without much hassle.

If you want to build an HTML5 platform from scratch or update upon your existing one, Recenturesoft, a well-known HTML5 development company in India, provides the best services for all kinds of businesses. We offer complete end-to-end HTML5 development services that will ensure you get a platform that will help streamline your business. We provide custom-made UX/UI design, excellent code development, full-scale project management, plus quality assurance or testing to ensure you get the best HTML5 platform.

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Recenturesoft has a well-experienced team of HTML5 developers and designers that can help in updating previous software or modifying apps for startups to large scale and enterprise-size businesses. We deliver top-class html5 development services plus modifications to help businesses globally. Moreover, our highly versatile as well as knowledgeable team of designers and developers provide up-to-date development of applications using robust HTML5 frameworks, libraries, tools, plus environments.

Our proven track record of successful HTML5 development has enabled us to become one of the best companies in India. Our team of expert developers has the latest tools and tech to make the best platform for your business. We always try to satisfy the demands of our customers and offer tips on how to make the platform better. Because of our extensive range of expertise in building HTML5 platforms, our team can offer suggestions that will perfectly fit your business requirements.


What Our Team Has To Offer

Furthermore, our HTML5 development team delivers the best tech consultation, creates an excellent interface, conducts comprehensive testing and provides fast customer support as well as premium maintenance. Also, you can even review our client testimonials to learn how our team has assisted several businesses in creating a digital presence.

What Services Do We Offer?

With the power to provide users with a distinctive plus interactive experience, HTML5 has evolved into a preferred framework for businesses wanting to improve their digital presence in the increasingly smartphone device-based world.

We Provide Top HTML5 Development Services

HTML5 App Development - When creating enterprise-grade web services plus web app solutions by utilising HTML5, our professionals use top-class development techniques as well as design schemas to offer custom/tailor-made software development HTML5 solutions. Moreover, our high on-demand developers and designers can create detailed layouts for customised graphic design along with 3D animation development for desktop plus mobile apps that will have flexible images, different multimedia plugins, along with other app features.

Our HTML5 Migration Services - Our team can modify code from different platforms into a dynamic and responsive HTML5 application plus website structures. By utilizing our skills in coding plus top-notch rendering, our customers get more adaptable, scalable and flexible software that is customized to fit their requirements. We employ creative HTML5 apps perfect for any small or enterprise-class client. This also enables us to configure plus integrate third-party payment gateways as well as other apps using APIs.

Our HTML5 Mobile App Software Services - The HTML5 mobile app software services offered by us can help configure web, hybrid, plus native apps by using design elements. Also, our elements/features will be responsive on all mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. Modification of mobile apps by our expert will allow your users to get a modern and consistent experience irrespective of the platform.

Cross-Platform HTML5 - Mobile application development frameworks enable our team to implement cross-platform applications by using HTML5. Moreover, we integrate them with other frameworks such as jQuery, CSS3, plus WebAPI. By using this method, the development, as well as deployment for Android or iOS are simultaneously done efficiently.

Software Integration & Connectivity of HTML5 - Our expert team uses applications developed using HTML5 as a bridge between the current software architecture plus more recent modification systems. By creating a robust API layer using HTML5 and other language integrations, we are able to ensure optimal connectivity and interoperability among the software products without any hassle.

HTML5 Development: Gaming - HTML5 integration of audio plus video by our experts to help you get a responsive plus robust desktop or mobile game. Some examples of such games are blackjack, solitaire and lottery systems and more. We can even modify the existing software of a company to make an engaging UI/UX.

Areas Of Expertise:

  • Apache NetBean: This is an IDE ( Integrated development environment) used for Windows, Mac, Linux and Solaris cross-platform applications.
  • Foundation: A HTML framework used for creating responsive user interfaces of active web applications.
  • Liveweave: Get real-time live previews of HTML, CSS plus JS editing to developers plus web designers.
  • Adobe Dreamweaver: Design, code, or publish websites and applications that support HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and others.
  • Razor Flow: This is an HTML5 dashboard designed for reporting on data for cross platforms.
  • Montage: This, along with HTML5, is used for creating an interactive experience for the users.
  • SproutCore: This is an HTML5 framework that is open-source and is used for creating front-end development for visual or audio.

How Do We Process HTML5 Development?

Requirement Specification - First and foremost, our team has to understand the business model, requirements plus vision. Therefore, our team will first list all project requirements, objectives, plus specifications. Irrespective of the scale or type of your business, we work cohesively to form a strong approach to ensure you get the best user-friendly platform.

Our team also takes into account your requirement and even presents new ideas on how to make your platform much more engaging to the users. We get all the required resources, design a strategy, get the most suitable members for the project and set milestones to complete the platform on time. Moreover, we also offer you a rough time and cost needed for completing the project.

Designing - Next, we start with designing the interface. This step is important to ensure you get a platform that looks appealing and has all the required features and functionalities. We make a premium UI / UX design and get it revised by you to ensure it fits your vision. Upon receiving your feedback on any changes, our team will conduct them and re-review them to ensure you get what you asked for. The interface we offer ensures your users get a hassle-free browsing experience without any delays or issues.

Apart from features and functionality, the success of most online platforms is largely based on how it looks. A good platform with a good interface will improve customer loyalty and help drive traffic further. Moreover, we even suggest additional features that can help improve your online platform using HTML5.

Testing - After the design is finished, now is the time for our team to conduct strict tests. We perform different checks ranging from performance testing to user experience to ensure all the bugs and issues get removed.

Testing Functions - This test helps our team determine how well your HTML5 platform responds to challenging situations. In this test, our team ensures that all updates are working as they should.

Testing Performance -

In this step, we check various parameters such as:

  • How well is the HTML5 platform responding to the commands?
  • Is the HTML5 platform connecting with the internet well?

HTML5 Development: Gaming - HTML5 integration of audio plus video by our experts to help you get a responsive plus robust desktop or mobile game. Some examples of such games are blackjack, solitaire and lottery systems and more. We can even modify the existing software of a company to make an engaging UI/UX.

Deployment - We help in the full-scale deployment of your HTML5 platform. Moreover, we can even advise on the right way, time or method to deploy the HTML5 platform for the optimal impact. Deploying the HTML5 platform at the right time is crucial to ensure the users do not face any issues and all the steps are conducted swiftly.

Further Support - Most HTML5 development companies stop working as soon as the platform gets deployed. But we are not like that! After the platform gets deployed, our support team offers support for some days. We ensure everything is working in the proper manner.

Why Choose Us?

Contact us to take advantage of the most value-adding plus innovative HTML 5 development services you can get in the market. Get secured and sustainable HTML5 solutions that are perfect for functioning well across different devices and platforms. You can use our agile HTML5 development methodologies to get a top-notch platform for desktop and mobile solutions that offer seamless integration and a good customer experience.

With a deep emphasis on the success of our client, you can employ our premium HTML5 development services to get a platform with the best online performance, fast loading, effortless scalability, plus responsiveness.

Recenturesoft provides an assortment of HTML5 development services for all kinds of small and large enterprises. With assured SLAs, on-time project delivery, premium-quality programming, and cost-effective solutions, you can leverage our top-notch HTML5 development services to get a maintainable, secure, plus compatible online platform for all devices and OSs.

Collaborative team - We work in a complete synchronised manner with your team and examine the business objectives to ensure the platform is the perfect fit for you. Moreover, we collaborate with relevant domain experts to offer avant-garde HTML5 solutions that will help boost the productivity of your enterprise. Also, our team constantly keeps you in the loop and informs you about the progress of your project to make certain you get the HTML5 platform completed on time.

Accountable and Honest - We take charge of the complete responsibility for offering the best HTML5 platform within the set timeframes plus in the proposed budgets. Recenturesoft deploys its highly responsive plus reliable teams to work cohesively on the project. Furthermore, we are always transparent throughout the process and will not add any kind of hidden amount or surplus charges with your purchase.

Excellent Support - Recenturesoft is ranked as the best HTML5 development company India, due to the constant hard work plus the commitment of all our team members. All the HTML5 developers and designers are keen on providing the best platform that will help achieve your business get to the next level. You can now leverage our team of extremely experienced and skilled development professionals to get the online platform you deserve.

Quick Customer Support - Want to ask any doubts or get more information about your project? Well, you are in luck because our in-house team is there to answer all your questions at the quickest time possible. No matter the time of day, you can drop your request with us, and the support team will get back to you shortly.

Our HTML5 produce results - Recenturesoft provides premium HTML5 development services in India, that will help you get the best platform that will help you to enhance traffic, increase sales, and improve brand image quickly.

Benefits Of HTML5 Development Service

Doctype - If the codes and tags in the prior version give difficulty then the new version of HTML5 will be suitable for you. In it, you no longer have to copy or paste the long plus unreadable codes which you have been using all the time. Apart from being hassle-free, HTML5 also performs well with all the versions of major browsers.

Improved Accessibility - The main advantage of using HTML5 is that it has the ability to enhance the accessibility of any website. The screen readers in HTML5 can effortlessly access content as well as understand various tags including and more without any glitches. This feature not only enhances the display but even reduces the method of coding. This new modification offers enhanced access to the website users regardless of the screen size, orientation or device resolution.

Cleaner Code - Keeping the codes clean is paramount to ensure the process is hassle-free and streamlined. In the new version, developers can create descriptive plus semantic code cleanly. This feature of HTML5 enables you to create much robust code with minimal effort.

Mobile Optimization - Nowadays, mobile internet users have far surpassed desktop/laptop users. This shift is commonly the result of the convenience of using mobile apps whenever and wherever you like. HTML5 plays a major role in offering a mobile-friendly online platform that will have all the tools and tech to offer the best user experience. Moreover, HTML5 is the best mobile ready tool that allows us to create an engaging website or app for different mobile devices. You can either opt for a responsive website that can help increase your reach or build upon your old version.

Cross-Browser Compatible - If your web platform doesn't have, then you will be unable to tap a wide group of users. Nowadays, there are different browsers and ensuring your website runs on all of them equally is vital for an enterprise. HTML5 can help your website support multiple browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera plus Safari.

Audio/Video Support - Based on the kind of online platform you run, adding audio plus video elements will make it look more appealing and premium. Earlier this step required the use of Flash Player and was lengthy. But, now HTML5 has introduced several elements to any site without much effort.

Geolocation - HTML5 Geolocation API feature enables you to find the location of a user and provide content that is relevant to them. Also, this feature can only be integrated where a user has to add in his details and allows detection of his/her location while browsing.

Enhanced Storage - Want to improve storage features? Then HTML5 will be a perfect option for you! Moreover, it is better based on security and even allows simultaneous storage.

Intriguing Interface - HTML5 enables better interactions that can help in improved marketing plus get more sales for your business. Also, the new drawing element enables you to get animation and other appealing features that can keep all the users engaged. Simply create a rich and high-quality internet app that will improve the accusation, retention and conversions on your website.

Frequently Asked Questions | HTML5 Development Company in India

You have to go through certain criteria before trying to get a mobile HTML5 development company for your website. Some of them include:

  • Checking testimonials,
  • The estimated cost, as well as time, is taken to complete the platform,
  • Examining the earlier experience for determining if the company will be the right choice for the task.

HTML is outdated and is less mobile-friendly and there are different attributes that are not present. HTML5 is the newest version and is mobile friendly and has all the attributes and features needed to make the best platform. Also, HTML5 has drag and drop effects too.

It can be used for a variety of options ranging from drawing or animation with canvas, offline storage, audio plus video, geolocation, and more.