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How does a Mobile App Development Company in Kolkata expand the customer base?

The sudden rise in the demand for mobiles plus tablets has opened new ways for businesses to sell their product or service. Getting a custom built Mobile application for your business will help several advantages when compared to a browser-based website. Nowadays, mobile apps play a vital part in improving sales, conversions, customer accusations and retention for a range of large plus small businesses.

The sudden growth of the mobile industry has opened new ways for a business to deliver hassle-free online platforms where their buyers can log in from any time and anywhere to find and buy the product or service they want. Moreover, the new mobile phones have new technology such as Bluetooth, NFC and GPS that can be successfully integrated with an app to improve customer experience. Apart from that, these functionalities can help develop a new app plus improve an existing one.

To ensure a successful mobile app development project, several steps varying from research to prototyping and testing are conducted to deliver the most robust app. Therefore, finding the right company that sticks to a strict app development process is crucial to ensure your mobile platform becomes a success.

Want client-centric and tailor-made mobile app solutions? Then you have reached the right place!

Fortunately, Recenturesoft, a Mobile App development company in Kolkata, delivers premium-grade, low cost and timely app development services for all kinds of small and large scale businesses that will offer an elegant experience to your buyers.

Our web plus mobile app development team aims to create premium-quality platforms that will help you sell your product or service without any hassle. Be it an iOS or Android, our team of skilled and experienced web developers will ensure your app has all the latest features in the market and is updated to support all new mobile phones. Furthermore, our team always keeps track of all the new tech introduced in the app development industry and can integrate it into an app to make it more advanced. Also, our team has all the finest tools plus tech to create an app that contains all the functionalities to drive sales forward.

Right from the starting stages of development, our professionals will stay connected with you to inform you about the progress and approval of different components. Also, we can even suggest some functions that you should add to your application to make it more user friendly. We focus on offering a top-class app that will help boost sales, lower downtime, plus deliver the best online shopping experience.

We create fully functional and robust apps that can resist the test of time and provide excellent security. Our app development service contains tech consultation, prototype development, testing, support, plus maintenance. You can check out our client stories/testimonials so too how our expert developers have enabled several businesses to unleash their true potential.

Recenturesoft's team of hard-working and dedicated app developers, designers, plus engineers are available to deliver a cross-platform app that will help your business stand out from your competitors.

Kinds of Mobile App Dev Services We Provide

We can tailor-make a highly efficient mobile app from scratch, plus can also update your existing mobile app available on Ios and Android devices by adding new features or making slight changes. Our team can design plus develop any type of custom mobile app for different businesses that will have all the functionalities you demand. We also understand that each platform such as Ios and Android have their own policies and ensure your app will adhere to them.

Mobile App For:

Android Mobile App Development - Android is currently the most widely used mobile operating system, therefore making an app for this platform is crucial to catch a wide audience. We offer an extensive range of Android apps that will work on all devices and will be built with the best tools and tech.

iOS Mobile App Development - Ios is the second most preferred mobile operating system and hence should also be considered while releasing your app. Making an IOS app requires a different language that will ensure your platform will integrate successfully with an apple mobile.

Mobile App Platforms

Our group of mobile app developers understand the significance of building a high-quality mobile platform for a business that also comes with cross-platform, native plus hybrid apps.

Cross-Platform App Dev - Our team delivers custom-made as well as cross-platform mobile applications integration. Also, the apps we offer are made with extra features and come with the functionality to enhance the buying experience of a user.

Native App Development Services - Are you looking to get an app that delivers high-performance, top-quality and comes with robust safety features? Then give us a call! Our team of developers will create a user-friendly interface that will allow you to create the best shopping experience and even assist in boosting conversions rates, and customer accusations fast, along with enhancing customer loyalty.

Hybrid App Development Services - Hybrid apps are complicated to create and require years of experience as well as advanced tech to make certain that everything will work well. Fortunately, our team knows several computer languages that enable us to build an app that will help reach out to more customers across all devices.

Mobile App Development/ Design - By contacting our well-known app development services, we will take the heavy load off your shoulders to create a digital presence and manage the whole process. Our team aims to offer the finest UX/UI designs and even can guide you through the process and suggest the best option for app deployment.

Create an enterprise-grade mobile app - We can make robust and secure enterprise-grade mobile apps for all types of businesses. Moreover, our apps will stick to all the safety standards and will work safely in all types of big organizations. Our enterprise-grade mobile apps will help simplify your existing process, help decrease delays, enhance productivity, plus provide excellent visibility along with control.

UX/UI Application Design and Dev - Already have an existing mobile app for your business? Luckily, Recenturesoft, the Best Mobile App development company in Kolkata, can efficiently modify your current mobile app and transform it into an updated version that will contain all the modern features plus functionalities. Also, you can even tell us to add new features such as improving the way your app looks, enhancing app navigation, plus removing bugs.

The best Support plus Maintenance - Our work will not stop as soon as your app gets deployed. We also ensure it is running smoothly and don't have any problems. That is why our team offers support for a few days after the app is released to ensure it is working efficiently.

Popular Custom/tailored Mobile Application Features - Our team can add, change, customize or develop different types of features or functionality to make the most advanced mobile app possible. Our apps will integrate inside your timeline and ensure your business runs smoothly. Want to meet your online sales goals? No problem! Get a robust and user-friendly mobile app for your product or business by getting in touch with our team.

What more do we offer?

Custom/Tailor-made mobile apps - We have years of combined experience in making fully functioning customised mobile apps for any kind of business. From startups to large scale businesses, we will help simplify your existing workflows by utilizing the best tools plus tech.

GPS and GIS Capabilities - GPS and GIS features in mobile phones can help a mobile app get more functions. For example, GPS and GIS will help track a product/service, help in navigation, mapping or product tracking.

Incorporate Camera Plus Video Access - Every smartphone has a camera nowadays and can be used with your mobile app for different functions. Integrating camera and video access will allow your users to link, access, and present their photos or videos immediately from your mobile app.

Installing haptics - Want a haptics tech feature in your app? Luckily our team is also skilled at providing haptics technology that will help your users to change a 3D object inside a VR.

IoT - Every app nowadays also comes with IoT. The expanding potential of the internet can help handle a mobile app without any trouble. Get a one-stop-custom dashboard along with accurate modules for reporting.

Adding cloud-based application solutions

Cloud-based apps allow much better scalability options. Different things can be stored on a cloud, and the data will remain protected at all times.

Our Mobile App Development Process -

Making a Plan

The first step towards a successful mobile app is to determine the process for transforming the client's vision into a fully functioning platform. As the goal of one business will differ from another, therefore our team first sits together and brainstorms ideas on how to make your app more engaging to your customers.

To do this, we start by:

  • Identifying what kind of app do your users demand
  • Comprehensively researching your competition and determining why they rank higher.
  • Establishing predefined goals or objectives for making an app.
  • Selecting/Choosing the relevant mobile platform, coding language and technology for making your app.

Analysis and Planning - After finalizing all the details, we will make a set roadmap before we start creating the app. Also, our experts will set milestones to ensure on-time delivery and even keep you in the touch to guarantee on-time delivery.

A roadmap is vital for many things such as:

  • Determining the time it will take to make your app.
  • Providing a calculated price for developing the app.
  • Deciding features such as the colours, fonts and other elements.

Also, in this stage, we even decide what kinds of skills and tools are required to make your particular app. For example, iOS or Android mobile apps will have different development techs. Moreover, we find the right iOS or Android developers for your project and ensure they deliver the best customer-centric solutions.

Making a UI / UX - The prime focus of a mobile app is to deliver uncompromised as well as easy shopping experiences to potential and existing buyers. The victory of a mobile app is dependent on the features, functionality, plus options it offers. A good UI / UX design will include an impressive interface by creating the mobile app extremely engaging, intuitive, and user-friendly.

Keep the buyers engaged with your app and improve your brand's reputation at the same time by making a top-class app.

Creating Prototype and Final Development - After making all the plans, our experts will start to convert your digital platform vision into a strong and robust mobile app. We start by making a Prototype. The prototype is highly beneficial to recreate real-world scenarios that an app might face when there are a lot of users. Prototyping is the longest step in the process, but the struggle is well worth it. A Prototype will enable you to fix several problems at the starting stage and can be presented to a client for reference purposes. Also, a prototype can help decide what is being overlooked or what is additional in your application. After the prototype gets authorised by you and all bugs faced are cleared, our team will develop the final app. Also, we can combine APIs plus back-end/server tech within your app for improved control.

Testing the app - There are several types of tests performed varying from performance to functional to determine if the app is working efficiently or not.

Testing the User Experience - The final app should perfectly match the expectations and demands of the user and should have a high level of interactivity. Also, all the elements inside the app including font, spacing, colour, logo, product images or description should be uniform plus without any problems. We build an app that will perfectly match the design policies put forward by you.

Testing for Functions - This testing helps define how an app will respond during different difficult scenarios. In this test, our team ensures that all the features work as they should and will not get stuck.

Testing the Performance -

During this stage, we test different parameters such as:

  • How well is your mobile app responding to a user's demands?
  • How fast is the screen of your mobile app loading?
  • Is much battery the mobile application consumes or are there any memory leaks?
  • Does the app use the mobile network well?

Testing the Security - Security is of prime importance for all kinds of businesses. Any potential vulnerability in the mobile app can cause a system hack. We thoroughly check the app and perform harsh tests to make the platform is fully secure.

Deployment and Providing Support - Finally, the app gets deployed on the Ios or Android platform. Also, our team even offers further support for come time to ensure your app is performing well.

Why Choose Recenturesoft: One of The best Mobile App development services in Kolkata

Our apps deliver results - Recenturesoft, Mobile App development company Kolkata, will help your product or service business to get a premium-quality platform that will enable you to increase traffic for growing sales, increasing retention and accusation. Our team members can make a hassle-free mobile app that will be equipped with all the tech to tackle all the issues faced by mobile apps.

Get on-time delivery - Our team successfully creates a detailed roadmap before even beginning to develop the app. This helps our team members to work cohesively to make a client-centric app and deliver it within the proposed time limit. Moreover, we always maintain optimal contact with you as the app is getting developed and gives you regular updates about the progress.

Skilled Developers - Our company offers the best Mobile App development services in Kolkata because of our skilled plus dedicated team members. All our app developers, designers and engineers are prepared to offer the most meaningful mobile app that will fulfil all your digital marketing needs.

Technology - We have the best tools and tech to make premium-quality apps that will work on all modern devices. Moreover, our tech ensures your app is up-to-date and will continue to perform efficiently even when the traffic is high.

Honest - Our team constantly strives to deliver a fully transparent and honest mobile app development process. This is one of our core values and our team members will ensure your entire process is smooth and hassle-free. All our app dev processes are clear and available for you to check anytime and anywhere. Also, our support team will always promptly reply to all the questions you ask and keep you posted about the forthcoming mobile trends.

Advantages of Our Mobile App development services Kolkata

Stand out from your rival! - Creating a unique and clever mobile app will help you make your business stand out from the contenders. A good app will help catch the attention of the buyer and will also provide him with a sense of safety when buying the product.

Reach a wider audience - A well-established mobile app will share the message of your message plainly and even allow you to get in contact with the international market.

Meets the buyer's requirements and demands - Our developers guarantee you will get a fully-functioning mobile app that will offer an engaging, unique, and interactive experience. Our app is designed to meet all the demands as well as the needs of your buyers.

Improve Productivity - Generate more traffic, increase accusations plus the conversion rates of your business by using a premium mobile app that comes with top-class optimization practices along with the latest tools and features.

Frequently Asked Questions | Mobile App Development Company in Kolkata

There is a wide range of businesses that use mobile apps. Some of the most typical mobile apps include:

  • Ecommerce apps ( Amazon, Flipkart)
  • Social Media Apps ( Facebook, Instagram)
  • Lifestyle Apps (HealthTap)
  • Gaming apps ( PubG, Clash Of Clans)
  • Entertainment Apps ( Netflix, Amazon Prime)

You have to check certain things before choosing to select a mobile app development company:

  • Authentic testimonials
  • Prior experience
  • Estimated cost

Moreover, by choosing Recenturesoft, the Best Mobile App development company Kolkata, you will have all the credible information needed to ensure you get the best app.

The cost of making a mobile app is not specified and depends on the size of your business and the platform you decide to choose.