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SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization is a tool that increases unpaid and organic traffic for the specific website to reach the visibility of the specific webpages. Most companies use targeted keywords to increase the rank of their websites with the use of SEO tools. The most important benefit of availing of SEO tools is to enhance both the quality and quantity of unpaid traffic with the three most common search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Website or content optimization for search engines, therefore SEO makes it easier for the search engines to identify the significance to users and rank according to the search results. SEO consists of both on-page and off-page. On the page are inclined towards optimising some of the factors including content, URLs, and Meta tags. Whereas, Off-page generally takes place with factors such as social media platforms and constructing backlinks. Both of them have the same goal of leading more website traffic which as a result increases the sales, and leads along with the desired actions. In general, SEO tools play a key role in online marketing tools.

The most common process of how SEO works is links, page structure and content. Optimising your website with these core elements will increase the algorithm to better rank the website in the following search results. Most importantly SEO consists of numerous benefits such as cost effectiveness, organic traffic, long term sustainability, user improved experience and lastly the website increased visibility. These are some of the reasons why SEO is the most effective online marketing tool for different websites.

SEO Techniques

SEO takes place with various steps with different processes to be able to improve the website search ranking. Various techniques are being taken forward to increase the site rank.

- Keyword Research is the first technique of taking SEO further for the website because it includes what keywords are already ranked the competitor's keyword or lastly the desired keywords that consumers are looking forward to. This specific technique helps to identify what searchers search in Google and search engines so as to give a direction for optimising the existing content and the new content that is going to be created.

- Content Marketing comes in contact when the desired keywords are identified. This technique basically helps in updating the existing or developing new content of pieces. As Google is the most reputed and renowned high quality content delivery which means that it is essential to perform research as to what content is already existing and compile all the content and result in better content with utmost positive experience and gives a higher ranking. To have a attractive links and social media would be shared only when the content is extremely amazing.

- Link Building which are also known as back links especially for the external websites as they are a highly renowned core ranking component in Google. SEOs generally level up when the backlinks have superior quality which leads to building relationships with the web expertise.Good quality content, attractive links especially from other websites and getting in touch with different websites.

- On Page Optimization is the most relevant technique as it helps optimise URL, keywords, updated title tags and images. What is most beneficial is that updating meta tags on the page directly impacts the search ranking. They basically increase the structure of the page with various benefits.

- Site Architecture Optimization generally refers to the increase in the SEO site so as to make sure that important pages are linked with correct anchor text because these links help to increase the significance of the page. Both the external and internal links are equally important. To be able to increase the search engine of the larger places then XML sitemaps are the best option which helps to lead the site pages.

- Semantic markup is known to be another SEO strategy which helps to describe a specific topic or type of content that is presented on the page. They generally consist of additional text, reviews and images which are generally showcased on the search result page.

Recommended SEO tools

Highly recommended SEO tools in the market are social media, seo platforms, backlink analysis tool, Google ads keyword planner and Google search console.

Impact of SEO

The Increase in the search engines with high ranking is the powerful impact of SEO in the website. It is known to be the path of the digital successes

- SEO is known to be a cost effective marketing tool as it gives relevant results not like the paid advertisement where you pay with each click. The moment you achieve the higher ranking you will be filled with various benefits.

- Credibility and trust are some of the factors that cause higher online visibility because most users seem those websites reliable who have higher ranking search results which leads to credible source for the brand to the users.

- SEO helps in increasing the traffic organically because a well maintained website will attract the traffic which gives more leads and higher sales of the business.

- The necessity of SEO is to understand the desired audience with the utmost preferences and behaviours. This insight understanding of SEO will help in gaining overall marketing strategy.

Common SEO Mistakes

SEO comes with various mistakes which perhaps creates a lot of problems with the website ranking. Here are the following common SEO mistakes.

- Bad Reviews on Google would be one such mistake because when it comes to reviews of specific products or services then the owners are most likely to expect negative and positive reviews. Moreover, the overall reviews will have a social record about the business which as a result helps in locating the search ranks. The moment the websites have a positive review it results in the better credibility of the website. Whereas, there are instances when the customers often receive satisfaction towards the website because it would lead to take the traffic away from the website.

- Lack of Location Specific Pages is the mistake of SEO as the search keywords should be location specific. It is highly recorded that most of the searches are being performed through mobile for something that is near your location. With the increase in the use of mobile makes the website content highly important either globally or for local SEO to make sure the quality of local content or location-specific is the major cause of mistake.

-With the increase in Duplication of Content in the website results in decrease in the traffic on the website. However there is no such penalty of duplicate content even by Google but the only impact is it affects the web pages rank. If there are two such same versions of content then the content which seems significant to the readers will be in the search engine result pages.

- Broken images and missing alternative texts are those factors that support and describe the content. Sometimes the websites have improper and missing text along with the alt tags. These are the result that the images have an alt tag to help in describing the contents and consist of features that function accordingly on the page. Some of the common causes of mistakes are the broken image and missing alt tags.

- Outdated Content and Information on site would be a major cause of reason because anything that goes outdated is not accepted. If your search engine detects that your particular content is outdated then your site gets separate out from the searches.

- When the pages are not indexed would be the major reason for SEO mistakes because indexing refers to the collection of pages for the website that are more likely to be searched by Google. There are instances where Google would not be able to rank that is not generally crawled. Following are the reasons why pages are not indexed such as duplicate content, 404 error, outdated sitemap and less popularity.

- Long messy URLs are one such reason for SEO mistakes as URL stands for uniform resource locator is a tool that helps in locating the web page on the internet. The URL should not be too long and messy, the ideal limit to the URL is less than 2083 characters along with the 512 pixels. The reason why SEO is important is because it delivers better experience and has higher visibility to the research.

SEO Problems Fixing

To be able to fix various mistakes that SEO faces there are some of the factors that help in improving the SEO problems.

- Improving high potential pages are those pages that increase the traction and would help in boosting the unpaid results. It means that if your rank is higher it would have more clicks. The reason for the improvement of the pages is because of the high quality content. The pages can get its content in some ways while adding images, videos, visuals along with including the internal links.

- Create new content depending on the low competitive keywords is one of the crucial factors of fixing the SEO mistake. The struggles of SEO for many sites is the reasons because of the targeted keywords as they are generally more competitive

- Most important or the ideal factor is to improve the ongoing content before taking the new content further in the process. Any irrelevant or unhelpful content will harm the overall SEO site, moreover the content should have proper potential to be in the top ranking list. Helps in removing the overlapping content so as to remove the confusion that Google and other users face. Reviewing everything before generating new content will help in reducing the cost.

- Fixing the HTML ratio is because they are the indicator which helps upgrade the load timing of the page because there are instances where the webpages of HTML would effectively affect the loading time and hamper the user experience. For better fixing of SEO mistakes it is important to put on page text whenever required and detach the unnecessary codes.

- The URLs should be easily readable which makes it clickable more especially to the social platform. The shorter your URL, the higher it ranks in comparison with longer URLs which gives you direct traffic on the website. As keywords are the key aspect in SEO it should have relevant keywords in the URL.

- Possible fixing of the SEO mistake is with the help of the HTTPS version if not already done therefore it is required to fix the necessary redirects of the site. Most importantly 404 redirect pages helps with fixing the problems.


Considering the term SEO, then the responsibility have increased with the aim of delivering superior quality content which leads to enhanced user involvement. However auditing the site regularly will help in understanding the site's good condition.