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Expand Your Business Growth through Our E-commerce Development Services

Recenturesoft is a premier eCommerce development solutions provider, serving clients across the country with its unnerving set of services. We tend to hype our growth to new heights in the years to come by continuing to use the advanced and latest technology. It helps us build competitive and futuristic eCommerce solutions. We aim to minimise the hassle of our client’s inventory management, shipment tracking and status updates.

Being one of the best eCommerce development company in Kolkata, we house a staff of qualified and experienced professionals. Our expert eCommerce developers understand the nature and requirements of your business before beginning with the development process. These professionals work collectively to develop highly engaging and successful digital shopping platforms for clients in a broad range of industries.

Hence, our solutions are reliable, scalable and trustworthy. Our transparent approach towards a vast array of technology will simplify the complexities of businesses. We have collaborated with numerous businesses and delivered customised eCommerce development services that ensure commendable solutions.

What Do We Offer With Our Ecommerce Packages?

Putting together our expertise in eCommerce development and information technology, we assist retail companies, wholesalers, manufacturers, and distributors drive their customers' satisfaction, enhancing sales and growing their audiences. We, the Best Ecommerce development company in Kolkata aim at developing technically impeccable and attractive eCommerce development to let your company stand out from the competition in the eCommerce market.

B2C E-commerce Platforms - Our eCommerce web developers create feature-packed and interactive B2C digital portals, where organisations can connect to their customers and engage in growth. We enable them to do so by integrating advanced eCommerce tools that improve their productivity and efficiency. Through our eCommerce development solutions, we help sellers to present and manage their products and services, along with allowing customers to access required products and services on a single portal.

B2B E-commerce Platforms - Recenturesoft is a stellar eCommerce development company Kolkata. We craft sustainable, secured and feature-packed B2B marketplaces to enable businesses to deliver their services or products to other prospective businesses in the market. Our professionals empower the customers by offering efficient and reliable B2B marketplaces that recur growth.

Our eCommerce development solutions help B2B companies establish and build up their partnerships, manage a secure global trade and cooperate with traders all over.

Migration & Upgrade - Our company helps businesses to transform their conventional web portals into new-generation, feature-rich, capable, secure and customizable eCommerce development platforms using high-end technology, serving the complete aspirations of every business irrespective of their industry domains or sizes.

Multi-vendor Platforms - Through our effective eCommerce development services in Kolkata, you can bring multiple vendors to a single platform and have the opportunity to sell the services and products online. We incorporate capable and modern-age technologies to develop promising multi-vendor portal solutions.

Online Portals - We deliver dropshipping websites, device-agnostic web stores and coupons to ensure an effective and excellent buying experience for your customers from any location. As the best eCommerce development company, we undertake eCommerce projects in various domains and of diverse complexity, be they expertise in food delivery, consumer goods, media distribution, travel & tourism, etc.

E-commerce App Development - Recenturesoft is among the Best Ecommerce development company Kolkata, creating robust, scalable and on-demand eCommerce apps to extend your business. Our eCommerce application development solutions are of world-class quality and highly reliable. With our expert team, we build the best applications to support and enhance your online business.

E-commerce Web Development - Our eCommerce design and development service incorporates agile methodologies to craft an attractive website personalised to your company's requirements. We are an eCommerce development agency that builds world-class websites that prioritise security, stability, performance, and usability by utilising state-of-the-art tools and technologies.

E-commerce Marketing - We will integrate your website with our cutting-edge tools and keep track of your website, from your shipping provider to inventory management system and invoicing software. Our qualified and professional team of eCommerce marketers have considerable knowledge about the latest trends and help your business to reach your desired audience.

Technology Consultation - In addition to eCommerce development, we provide technical assistance and advisory to allow businesses to continuously improve their sales outcomes. Being one of the best eCommerce website development company Kolkata, we help our clients to expand their business roadmap with our set of cutting-edge technologies. We also provide analysis of current and upcoming eCommerce solutions. Our experts assess the eCommerce solutions' effectiveness from management and usage standpoints.

Our Feature-Rich Services

Recenturesoft brings unique features to your eCommerce development project irrespective of whether it's startups or established organisations. With our flexible eCommerce packages, you only pay for the features that you require.

Faster Checkout - We incorporate properly strategized methodology. Our approach is to build a user-friendly eCommerce store with a simple & quick process of checkout. The professional team of web developers at Recenturesoft designs efficient & seamless shopping carts with several features.

  • Pin codes-based shipping calculation, flat shipping charges and free shipping for orders above a specific amount.
  • Redeem discount coupons.
  • Gift wrap choice with configurable charges for gift wrap.

Content Management - Our designers and developers provide you with numerous add-ons, support and integration features. We always aim to provide client-centric solutions with our flexible models. Listed below are some of the features of our content management system.

  • SEO-friendly web pages.
  • Completely customizable content management system.
  • Contact forms, receive responses through emails.
  • Promotional banners.
  • Drag-drop category format.

Customer Management - Being the top eCommerce web development company in Kolkata, Recenturesoft offers a scalable and flexible customer management system. We develop an excellent management system to cater to all your requirements.

  • Customizable management system with no hassle.
  • Retry payment feature for failed orders.
  • Order tracking features wish list, order management options for customers.

Online Payments - Online payment integration is a convenient and secure option for payments in eCommerce stores. You name the payment gateway you are looking for and we'll get it done for you. Our professionals are specialised in bringing your business to the audience across the world.

  • Secure transactions.
  • Convenient payments.

Email/SMS Notifications - With vast experience & deep industry knowledge, our developers are up-to-date with every aspect of eCommerce development. Therefore, to reduce your chances of fake users and orders issue, we offer a practical solution - customer registration via email verification.

  • After order confirmation directly send the order details through SMS & email notifications to customers.
  • Final checkout through OTP.

Attractive Storefront - We understand your business objectives and requirements and craft a sound design that's relevant for your eCommerce store. To be at the top of your game, you must have a beautiful & attractive visual appeal. Whether it's laptops, desktops or any smartphones, we ensure that your eCommerce marketplace is adaptive to all devices.

  • Search bar, filters & sort option for products.
  • Unlimited product images.
  • Social media login & register.
  • Rich-text descriptions for products, responsive interface.

Web Security - Many times browsers may not identify malware and you are at the risk of losing your confidentiality and sensitive data. However, Recenturesoft is the Best eCommerce web development company in Kolkata, which provide the best security in each aspect, including UI, add-ons, and many other development functionalities.

  • We assess and audit security architecture, determine the gap and resolve them to ensure high-level protection from malware and other threats.
  • Right from the eCommerce development stage, our focus is on security improving practices.

Technical Support - We cope with numerous industry and technological challenges through rigorous research, internal activities and solutions. We provide advanced eCommerce development services through innovative and advanced solutions, cutting-edge technologies and best business practices.

  • Issues related to customization will be quickly diverted to the concerned technical professional.
  • Our dedicated support team can clarify all of your technical and non-technical queries.

Marketing Tools - Marketing campaigns are ruling the business world as it engages customers consistently. In today's era, marketing has reached a new height. With our eCommerce marketing services, you have several opportunities to up-sell, improve user enrolments and gain customers' trust.

  • Share products on social media.
  • Create unlimited discount coupons.

Order Processing - Be it a small eCommerce store or a high-scale store - order processing management is vital. We have proven expertise in eCommerce development, ensuring the perfect and efficient functioning of order processing management.

  • Manage order status, such as - awaiting pick-up, shipped, In-transit, delivered.
  • Order status update through email & SMS to customer.
  • Track customer order history, refund or cancel the orders.
  • Retry order feature for failed payments.

Our Smart E-Commerce Development Approach

Recenturesoft Infotech Pvt. Ltd. values the uniqueness of your business requirements. And, with a robust and feature-rich application, our custom eCommerce development procedure is meant to assist you in marking a recognized place in the digital space.

We plan and manage the entire application & website development project, from understanding the business requirements to execution, integration and deployment of your eCommerce solution. We aim to build an award-winning digital experience and achieve complete satisfaction from our clients. Our working regimen is as follows:-

Idea Discovery - Our development process starts with market research, identifying business objectives, required data gathering, defining the target audience and determining the feasibility of the project.

Design - After thorough market analysis and data collection, we craft wireframes that support building simple and engaging web and app design.

Development - In this phase, our professional web developers begin creating the application by putting all the previous data together. Here, we develop all the elements of the website such as banners, charts, product categories, etc., and also the web pages.

QA & Testing - We follow meticulous testing methods to check the performance of the website, load speed, bugs, and other critical aspects.

Launch - After finishing the testing process, we deploy the final product on the specified platform. So, you, your staff and customers can start using it.

Support & Maintenance - Even after launching the application, our work is not done yet. We help the clients once they start using the application. We are always here to resolve any issues the clients may face.

Amplify Your Growth With Our Multifaceted E-Commerce Solutions

Mobile-friendly - Our eCommerce web solutions appear to be appealing and the same as scripted. The application can be used on all devices with an excellent user experience.

Agile Approach - Our transformative agile development culture ensures maximum growth of the business. We also ensure our clients are happy with the end product.

Rich-featured - We empower our eCommerce development solutions with the latest functionalities and dynamic features to execute complex tasks quickly and easily.

Appealing UI/UX - We design interactive UI/UX web pages that communicate efficiently and effectively with the customers.

Efficient Tech-stack - Our web developers use the latest technologies and trends to build fundamentally strong web application architecture.

Reasons To Choose Us For E-Commerce Development

We are fond of offering an excellent customer experience to your business customers and for company growth with our custom eCommerce development solutions. Hire eCommerce developers from a prominent and the Best eCommerce website development company in Kolkata, Recenturesoft Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

A Decade of Experience - Recenturesoft is committed to providing world-class eCommerce development services. We have a team of certified and skilled developers who understand the client's requirements thoroughly. We offer full-fledged eCommerce solutions across the country.

On-time Delivery - Our professionals follow a smart eCommerce development approach to meet the deadlines of the project. We have a team of qualified eCommerce website designers and developers who are committed to the timely delivery of the project. We never let our clients compromise with the product quality and provide more importance to their time and money.

High Performance - At Recenturesoft, we believe that performance is the most crucial aspect of making eCommerce development successful. We consider every measure while creating eCommerce stores to ensure seamless and smooth performance.

Strategic Solutions - The key factor of any eCommerce application or website is the strategy behind it. An application and website developed with an accurate strategy are likely to provide better outcomes than the ones which do not have a strategy. Our eCommerce experts believe in putting more effort into sharpening the axe, therefore they utilise stringent strategic solutions to build a responsive and fully-functional solution.

Expert eCommerce Developers - It's no secret that partnering with experts can change the entire work process and outcome of the project. Recenturesoft Infotech Pvt. Ltd. is fortunate to have the best industry brain in their team to execute the work, irrespective of the complexity. Our web developers are proficient in establishing the next-level eCommerce store to bring more ROI to your business.

Post Launch Support - As a leading eCommerce development company, we ensure to offer the best services to our customers. We provide glitch-free maintenance and support services to our clients and assist them to fix their product-related complexities. Our professional team is always on their toes to deliver immediate assistance round-the-clock.

Industry Experience

As the top eCommerce website development company in Kolkata, we create highly-functional shopping portals, user-friendly, customer-centric and multi-vendor platforms for any industry.

Jewellery eCommerce - At Recenturesoft, we hold the right experience & expertise in creating user-friendly designs and adding the best functionalities to gain the attention of your target audience.

Online Booking - We build seamless applications to improve your clientele with ease, streamline your work process and ticket booking system.

Travel & Tourism - With our eCommerce development services, you can broaden your customer reach, amplify your business performance, enhance your customer segment and increase your profitability.

Restaurant & Takeaways - We build restaurant applications leveraging the best frameworks and technology to define your business, brand, objective and serve your customers by reaching them.

Fashion & Clothing - Hire qualified fashion and clothing app designers and developers from Recenturesoft to get fully-functioning clothing apps that perform exceptionally well in conversion and rank higher in search engines.

Grocery Stores - Our team of eCommerce app developers help you develop high-performing, user-friendly and qualified eCommerce applications that ensure high conversion and engage your customers.

Partner with Best Ecommerce Website Development Company Kolkata and enhance your business growth in the digital space!

Frequently Asked Questions | ECommerce Website Development Company in Kolkata

Ecommerce development services are practises taken into consideration to develop a successful and fully functional eCommerce marketplace, such as - eCommerce web designing, eCommerce platform migration, multi-vendor management, eCommerce app development, eCommerce consultation, etc.

Every business has its unique requirements. Custom eCommerce development refers to creating a website or application as per your requirements and business objectives. It will incorporate only those features that you require and make your business stand out from others.

To hire an eCommerce development company, do proper research. You can find several companies on the internet that promise to offer valuable services. Get in contact with them, look at the solutions they provide, keep in mind your objectives, and select the best one out of them.

The cost of building an eCommerce website depends on several factors, including the platform you choose, the features and functionalities you require, and most importantly the size of the project.

You can simply enroll in application builder tools or software and develop your application. However, you can hire a professional eCommerce application developer if you want a unique and business-suited application.