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The way we work today has changed a lot within the past few decades. New technologies, connectivity, and digital platforms have led us to a new era of dependencies where the consumers and buyers both are set to work with new and improved methods. Now think how you used to work a while back without all the technology and e-commerce platforms. The rise in the development of the IT sector in India, it had led us to enhanced forms of working.

The Uprise of eCommerce websites

The introduction of various e-commerce platforms has eased our work, shopping, and every minute activity that we perform today. Innovation without technology can become quite daunting. Not only do customers seek a frictionless shopping experience, but they are also now gaining working and learning experience as well.

As a result, the personalization of various e-commerce and e-learning platforms has become increasingly true. Since we have the technology, we have the potential to create better and informed platforms for the customers in less time.

What does Recenturesoft have to offer?

In the world of rising online business, we offer top-notch quality as our fundamental element. Today the customers or entrepreneurs have a plethora of ventures to choose from. They are attracted more towards something that can ensure quality work and efforts to them.

For your business to be at the top, your online store has to gain an immense audience in the least time. This can be achieved with help of an e-commerce platform and SEO that will rank your business on the first page of the search engines like Google. We are catering to hundreds of businesses today and this platform can be for your business too.

What do you need to know?

However, we know, technology offers us a pool of effective ways that can help your online business. Often, there come many challenges that are hard to face while creating an e-commerce platform for your business.

There are various challenges faced while creating an e-commerce platform and some of them are –

Market analysis

The product sourcing and placement can be extremely challenging. Importing and maintaining product information is likely the only major issue facing enterprise-level e-commerce today. It's not uncommon for a retailer's product base to change at least once a year. To provide a customer with an improved experience, the retailers must include pictures and a brief description and variations if any. The only solution to this challenge is finding a top-notch e-commerce platform that comes with its own import/export features and an API.

Segmentation and development

It’s not an easy task to build customer segmentation and persona development for an e-commerce platform. Having a wide range of variety does not signify profit. To get profit, you will have to create an audience segment that supports these patterns validate your assumption.

How do we approach it

We refine our segmentation by conducting targeted surveys with specific groups and entering the results into your CRM. By doing this, you will notice great audience engagement on your engagement. This will allow them to have a more personalized experience.

Common issues with customer retention

Losing their customers is common for huge businesses and e-commerce platforms. It can get daunting to work with thousands of products and huge traffic and retain all of it. It is no surprise that some visitors are there for just one visit and some of them are just there for gaining information. The reason behind customer retention is trust issues, delays in communication, or lack of customer engagement. When the platform is not able to satisfy the customers, they tend to leave.

What can we do about it

The only solution to this is to interact with your customers. Also, customer retention can stop with a step forward to email marketing in interacting with your existing and potential customers. You will have to allow certain programs that will maintain long-term customer relationships.

However, there are reasons why you should work with an IT company like Recenturesoft for creating your e-commerce platform.

SEO Optimised

In this competitive market, without the help of SEO, it is hard for your online business to get an audience. To seek an audience, you have to appear on the first page of any search engine. To rank higher on platforms like Google, your website will need to have a healthy SEO ranking, one that we provide with ease. Being optimized ensures your increased Google searches and reach necessary customers as possible. SEO optimization is extremely helpful for your small-scale to large-scale business.


Every company must set capital to invest in its website, additionally, this can be a costly procedure. To make it cost-efficient. However, there are so many e-commerce developments programs that offer affordable solutions to businesses. Setting up these programs is easy. Some of the development programs are OpenCart, Prestashop, WordPress, Laravel, etc. We have availability of all these to create your website. It is affordable and moreover demands no more than what an individual can manage.

How SEO has contributed towards the growth of eCommerce

With the use of SEO, the retail landscape has significantly changed. The growth of e-commerce has contributed to the rise of digital services all around the world. It has benefitted all the small and large businesses. With the hype in e-commerce, SEO optimization has also increased rapidly.

Website development platforms have been used excessively and due to an increase in demand, the features of the website development platforms have also improved. Our team works continuously to ensure these websites are running successfully and doing their job.