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Accept it, we all have been there. We think that we are doing the marketing right but instead fail miserably. So what went wrong this time? Maybe everything? Most CEOs consider marketing as an art where you turn a visitor into a customer. But in reality, all of them have failed in their initial stages and learnt from their mistakes over the years to succeed eventually .


If you are committed to never giving up, then you are certain to be at the top of your game at some point in time. And for all you fanatics out there who want to give it your all, allow us to help you with the things that you should do to help boost your marketing campaigns:

Mobile and Other Portable Device Users:

In the modern world, people refrain from carrying a laptop as most of their work can easily be done with the use of a smartphone. Mobile phones and tablets are convenient and hence, are frequently used. With so many mobiles in operation, an entire business can bloom relying just on it, with a website that is correctly optimised for mobile users. Studies have shown that around half of the total sales generated by any e-Commerce website are logged in through mobile phones. These websites had an excellent user interface and were perfectly designed to cater to the portable device users.

You can also get a phone app exclusively developed for your website that will be easier, quicker, and convenient to use. When developing an application make sure to make variants that are compatible with both iOS and Android phones.

Loop-in Your Customers With Offers and Discounts:

It is always good to come up with ideas that will benefit both the company as well as your loyal customers. Personalised offers and discounts should reward your customers for their loyalty to choose your brand over the others. By giving them such exclusive offers, you hook them further indulge in the app and buy more products from it as well as from your website. Distributing coupons can help you win over customers that use your competitors' services and win their loyalty for yourself.

Presentation on your application matters. You can also sell products that may not have performed well otherwise. Present them well on an app they have come to love, and who knows? You may completely sell out any such product for a decent price, while still making some profit.

Create a Blog to Rank and Engage Better:

Get your website equipped with all the weaponry it can acquire; one of which is having a blog for your website. Blogs for any website help increase the traffic. They also help you focus on and attract a relevant target audience, the kinds of customers you want for your website.

Blogs help your website's SEO as they are used to create inbound links for the site. Allowing commenting on your blogs will help you get a better idea about what is it that the people actually want. You should reply as soon as possible; it will create positive feedback in the minds of your customers, reflecting that you care for them.

You can also link your social media with your blog posts and promote your blog with the help of social media.

Become a Social Media Maniac:

People still think that social media is only a way to connect with friends. But in today's world, social media is becoming more and more popular for creating a fan base. People should promote their services using social media and hence direct their followers to the main website or the blogs. Unlike all other marketing strategies and techniques, social media marketing is free and comparatively more efficient in terms of ROI.

Nowadays, social media platforms are offering better targeting of audiences with great ways to deliver content.

You can also promote your content or services by using the paid promotions option. Even though it may cost you a little too much, but the return on investment is also high.

Make Your Website Video Friendly and Create a YouTube Channel:

Creating a YouTube channel will increase the product sale for your website as the people visiting your site after watching your YouTube videos are the ones who are genuinely interested in your service, and are most likely to buy them. You can also create a Facebook or Instagram video, as both these platforms promote videos more than any other formats of the content.

Don't Forget to Measure Your Return on Investment:

If you want to earn a handsome sum of money with the help of your marketing, you should always keep a track on the return that you are getting on your investment.

ROI is calculated by subtracting the cost of the investment from the total gain, then dividing it with the cost of the investment.

Targeting Accurately to Redeem Full Advantage:

The one thing that will grow your loyal customers’ base is targeting the right ones. If you are aiming for the whole ocean, you may not get the fish that you want for your sushi. Hence, the first step is to do the necessary research to know who your audience is that you would like to sell your product and services to.

This may segment the people on various basis:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Region
  • Language


Targeted marketing will reduce the clutter that may occur when going for the whole population, and also give a defined and effective path to follow.

The Website Should Be Responsive and Fast:

People who are coming to you to buy services and products don't want to waste their time on the functionality of the website. They are on your website just for the product. To explain this better, let us assume that you want to buy toothpaste from a mall. Yes, you will spend some time on choosing which toothpaste to buy, but will you want to spend your time with the cashier? The answer is a unanimous 'NO'. Same is with your website; try to keep the process as swift as possible.

Try to Find Ways to Get High Conversion Rates:

Google starts decreasing the rank of the website that shows low conversion rates than other similar sites. Conversion rate is determined by the number of successful buys divided by the number of visitors. It is logical for Google to think in this manner, as there may be some problem with your website, either the design or pricing, because of which you are not able to convert visitors into customers.

To increase the conversion try to provide discounts on the listed prices of items, create a user-friendly website and application, get the products you want to sell in front of the visitors, and back your website with email and social media marketing, etc.

Once an Item Is in Your Cart, Give Your All to Sell Them:

If a customer has added something in the cart and has left it because of some issue, then remind them about the product. If they have added it in there, they genuinely wanted to have it. You can provide discounts or give them a quick reminder on their mobile that they have left something in the shopping cart that belongs to them.

Try to Turn a Customer Into a Loyal One:

Customer acquisition is the first pit stop; retention is the second. Once you have successfully converted a visitor into a customer, don't let them go. Hold onto them, make them feel that they are important, as, in reality, they are. If a customer has bought a product from you, then it means that something about your site was appealing to him, be it the design or the product or both (try to keep it both). Just remember: when someone can buy a product from you once, he very well may buy another one also.

Use an Adequate Call-to-Action Strategy:

Call-to-action is one of the best techniques that you can use to convert a visitor into your customer. Call-to-action works on a psychological level on a person's brain and is designed to hook him to buy the service. Have you ever seen distinct banners or buttons, reading - Get it today! Buy now! etc.? All of these are call-to-action buttons. They can be fortified with a sweet description of the product and other visual clues.

SEO is the Heart of Any Digital Marketing:

Search engine optimisation may not seem to have a direct connection with Online Marketing, but if your website is to rank better on Google, then it is apparent that you need to have more visitors on your site to work with. You can use these visitors in order to increase your ROI and conversion rates. Why do people buy more products from Amazon and eBay than through any other sites? It is because they have mastered their ranking on Google. In case a customer has to buy the same product, and the price listing is somewhat the same, he is sure to purchase the product from a website that pops-up on the first page of the Google search results. Another thing to consider is the subconscious of a customer that says, if Google is ranking any website higher than the other, then Google is counting on it to sell genuine and best quality products.

Use Guest Posts to Gain Exposure:

One of the most overlooked points in increasing the website's popularity is turning down the guest posts. Yes, you should not post everything that is sent to you as a guest post on your website. This is because every content may not be up to the mark as per Google’s standards and may decrease your rank on Google, if published. But having said so, try to keep a filter that will analyse the posts for their quality. Having a guest post posted on your site will give you exposure to new public and target audience. The posts should be allowed to comment on; increased activity will help you rank better on Google and will also serve as a platform to cater to people’s interest, their queries, and eventually make conversions.

Make Your Website and Marketing Personal and Try to Act on the Emotions of the Audiences:

It is found that if you focus on the feelings of a person, you will be successful in generating action from them. Make use of this psychological fact and try to create a positive response by working on the emotions of your audience and make your website personal for them.

Another way is to make use of regional sentiments and festivals. You can specially design your products to sell for an occasion that is specific to a region or a country.

Email Marketing is Not Dead Yet:

When someone says mails, the general reaction is who reads an email in today’s world. Yes, no one reads an email unless it has a catchy subject. So, what is the first step to email marketing? It is to create a subject line that in an instant catches the eyes of the potential customers. After that comes the content of the mail. It should be precise, focussing on the core idea, inclusive of self-explanatory images or relevant info-graphics. Next in line is the targeting of the mail. You should maintain a list of email ids of your customers in case you want to run a campaign or provide discounts to your loyal customers.

Providing Satisfying Customer Service:

Customer Service? Marketing? How are the two related? Yes, customer service is also a part of marketing, if you think it through, strategically. What is the role of customer service? To solve the queries of your customers or visitors. This much is understood. If you have looked after the needs of your customers brilliantly, they will become loyal and may even recommend your website to other people because you helped them with their problems and issues. Now isn’t it marketing? It is indeed! An indirect way of marketing, but it will have a direct impact on your business.

Promote Your Website On Other Websites:

Get backlinks for your websites on other sites. Getting backlinks from an article on other sites will help you gain more audience as your website may comply with the mindset of your customers after reading the particular article. There is only one big no. Try avoiding getting backlinks from the affiliate marketing sites. Google can penalise your site for doing so.

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